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WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt



I have WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt. I may or may not have done a fall photo shoot w my favorite one and no, they will NOT be ate. Why does it look like they’re all turkey prisoners with the exception of WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt this side of the fence that are the turkey prison guards.

WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt

Better than eating those poor carrots, they can’t even run away. Carrots are truly defenceless.  Lovely they’ll all die on thanksgiving because everyone “desperately needs” their WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt. These animals are literally prisoners and no one sees an issue with it. How cruel, tasty prisoners, covered in rendered down prisoner juice, with mashed prisoners and prisoner pie for WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt. Kallie Pyatt animals where put on Earth by God for us to eat! Where is this turkey diner you speak of? I would love to make a visit!

Kallie Pyatt nah they make better WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt. But On thanksgiving they should already BE dead. I for one am boycotting turkey this Thanksgiving and eating duck instead, Josiah Taylor go full throttle and turducken this one. Kallie Pyatt I can’t wait to buy a nice big turkey. Probably gonna throw out 3/4 of it too worth it. Never been to a turkey diner, sounds interesting. Deep fried in peanut oil deliciousness. You’ve really got to try it sometime. If we weren’t suppose to eat them then how do we catch them? I’ve never eaten a cheetah. Those turkeys are born in captivity and have been well fed behind that fence. They have led a pretty chill life. I promise you’re pathetic little heart that they aren’t as sad about their life as you are. We having ham too. Don’t forget WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt. Oh and beef. These ones aren’t prisoners, turkeys can clear higher fences & ridges than that easy, and that’s why some are already out. They choose to be where they get fed.

Kallie Pyatt always this person has to ruin it crybaby self. This looks like fun and so satisfying to hear all those turkeys gobbling back. How do you know that for certain? Or did he do that so that the could live freely and happily like he apparently intended for us because surely we’re all entitled to that? you guys can say whatever you want, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just sleep better knowing I don’t contribute to the suffering these WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt go through, that’s all. Rachel York Anderson oh wow what a lovely justification. The world totally revolves around you. Shaun Renew hey give them some credit they also drown themselves in regular storms as well. Kallie Pyatt good for you but lots of people eat meat and eat turkey. K? You eat what you eat and we eat what we eat.

Richard Nurse I’m well aware, turkeys are actually one of the most unintelligent creatures to ever walk this earth. I’m not saying they are some WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt, witty animal, I’m just stating that what we as humans do is wrong. Nothing’s pure existence should be to end up on a diner plate. Also I’m tired of being called a vegan I thought that was really funny. The cruelty we put animals through isn’t right. Randy Thomas so sweetie, this argument made my WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt so hard I was crying. Please just re-read what you just proposed. My dog isn’t being held captive until she is “big enough” or “old enough” to be slaughtered for the satisfaction of another. With Your argument, one could argue that having a child means they are also held prisoner.

Kallie Pyatt we are all entitled to our opinion as you have said already. If you don’t want to be surrounded by hate and disrespect do not post an opinion on WTF wine turkey family thanksgiving day shirt. No matter right or wrong you are always going to get someone that will post something “negative /opposite” back. It’s not you vs us its just different opinions and no one should inflict theirs on others. Please see the light side of some of these comments as most are not hateful most are just trying to have a laugh.



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