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Vintage 1959 Classic Shirt

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Vintage 1959 Classic Shirt
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No phones at school should be the Vintage 1959 Classic Shirt as proper uniform policy which folk dont seem to respect either. Responsible parenting is making sure your child respects authority and rules and doesnt take their phone in. Mobile phones have caused nothing but problems in my family with my teenager so it’s actually its an educated statement based on personal reasons.

Vintage 1959 Classic Shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

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You need to think about the Vintage 1959 Classic Shirt before you make stupid statements like that. How do you go about banning phones, strip search every kid before they go through the doors every morning. Schools have systems in place to get hold of parents in an emergency and likewise parents can call the school who can pass messages on to the child if need be.

Vintage 1959 Classic Shirt Long sleeved Long sleeved

That’s a cop outBan phones, I didn’t have one at school so why should they have phones at school. Our kids and teachers need cell phones in case of school shootings so that Vintage 1959 Classic Shirt can call for help. If I was a teacher all phones would be taken away at the classroom door then returned after class.

Vintage 1959 Classic Shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

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Pete Pirih My mom was a teacher & made sure I had a phone for emergencies. Your sons probably ARE good respectable people but when you start claiming that Vintage 1959 Classic Shirt know facts you can’t possibly know, you end up looking a bit silly. You sound like Dot from EastEnders talking about Nick I don’t know why I got jumped on for this.

Vintage 1959 Classic Shirt sweater Sweater

I’m just saying they have been brought up to respect women and wouldn’t use their phones inappropriately. To know you’d have to have them under close surveillance 24 7 and I doubt that Vintage 1959 Classic Shirt know my sons and I trust them. My son’s all had mobile phones at school but never used them inappropriately or during lessons and none of them had their phones confiscated.


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