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Unicorn Dabbing Hanukkah shirt



Kelly Brian it is the big corporations of capitalism who decide who gets power in Unicorn Dabbing Hanukkah shirt, by paying them. Then the big corporations/capitalism, owns the politition and can tell tbe government how to tax.

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Unicorn Dabbing Hanukkah shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Natalia Boico Don’t speak rubbish !People who earn 10000 euros per month do pay taxes as well in France! The fact is that once they have paid all their fixed charges, the amount of money they have left is much more than that of people earning the Unicorn Dabbing Hanukkah shirt. Ok, for those who doesn’t know to calculate, I will explain. If you take your car to go to work and you make 60 kilometers to go and 60 kilometers back and the gasoline is 1, 50 euros per liter, how much will it cost for a month? Your salary is 1200. Natalia Boico I live in Portugal and we pay just as much in taxes as the French and things aren’t really that much cheaper and minimum wage is less then 600€ a month before taxes. I agree with speaking out and fighting against corruption


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