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Trumpkin pie make thanksgiving great again shirt



My father was a southerner boy from Alabama . My sister’s & I were raised in the Air Force is our father was a lifer in the Air Force & did a lot of traveling. Plus my father ran NCO Kitchen for the higher ranked Air Force Brase. And I have never heard anything from my father about mac n cheese & a few of the recipes that your Trumpkin pie make thanksgiving great again shirt. Except the collard greens & cornbread stuffing. But i will for sure try making some of them. My daughter & her family now live in Texas . And she & I were just amassed that mac n cheese was such a big thing for the Holidays in Texas . And I Love mac n cheese. I’m just surprised my father never mentioned anything about it . . I’m not trying to insult anyone about mac n cheese . And my father was just an amassing cook/ chief. My father’s southern cornbread stuffing has been passed down to our grandchildren thank goodness. We can’t have Thanksgiving/ Christmas dinner without my father cornbread stuffing. Every time I take a bit , it’s like I’ve died & gone to Heaven.

Trumpkin pie make thanksgiving great again shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Never heard about pineapple casserole, until last year on your Trumpkin pie make thanksgiving great again shirt. I am going to make one before Thanksgiving and see how it goes over. I am a southern born, southern gal and never heard of it and I run with a lot of different families. I seriously LOVE it! Mama just made it with a baked ham last weekend and I filled half my plate up with the pineapple casserole!

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