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Tattoo Samurai Shirt



Tattoo Samurai Shirt and you can’t train German Shepherds to be aggressive , or chihuahuas or poodles or labradors or border collies? You would trust a German shepherd over a bull terrier ? I’ve owned both ( and still own a bull terrier) and the bull terriers trust and demeanour wins hands down… Some people have no idea.

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Tattoo Samurai Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

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My friend next door sent out Tattoo Samurai Shirt . I gave my feedback, I used the pit analogy for comparative purposes. Help him get an idea, through a very short response, some simple thoughts to ponder.

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Persons who feel the need to talk ‘over’ the initial intent of his Tattoo Samurai Shirt, become quite emotional. I see. I don’t need someone else trying to finger point, all of a sudden, regarding my free speech, my simple ideas. Then escalate with, in reality, a rage….because I will not be subservient… fit your need to, actually, somehow own me in a surreal sense.

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Dolly Carter I have owned bull Tattoo Samurai Shirt for 17 years, in the family since I was 10 years old. Had 5 in the family in that time and know many of them, they’re the dopiest soppiest dogs I’ve ever known. Hugely affectionate. Sometimes dominant with other dogs. But my brother and mum in the last few years have owned Boston’s and French bulldogs and I can tell you they are way more aggressive without the need for training to be so! I know which breed I’d go for!


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