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Stitch Starbucks coffee shirt



If a business has a policy then they have to apply it to Stitch Starbucks coffee shirt. if they pick and choose when to enforce rules that leads to discrimination.

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Ricky Cavazos making a policy that says you can’t have Stitch Starbucks coffee shirt code without purchasing something, and flat out saying you won’t serve someone because of their sexual orientation is 2 different things. One is legal and one is not.

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This was not discrimination, it’s all completely overblown. Stitch Starbucks coffee shirt was prob being an asshole, that’s about it but there’s nothing race related about this here. I get the guy is upset but using the race card to make someone else look bad is just wrong.

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If you got proof that it’s racism, then ok let the people know. But if your just going to rant that it’s because of your skin color without justifying your Stitch Starbucks coffee shirt, that’s just baseless accusations.

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As someone who works at Starbucks, that has never been Stitch Starbucks coffee shirt. We don’t make people buy things to be in our store. Hell we even let homeless guys take naps on our chairs sometimes.


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