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Star Trek sweatshirt



Star Trek sweatshirt that was the black and tans one the island hadn’t parted then read the history before posting my dear we are talking after the island separated after 1922

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Star Trek sweatshirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve

Peter Bushby no they don’t, it’s Star Trek sweatshirt wanting to be a third country that is causing the problem, immigration from the EU into the UK is also a UK problem. Louise Mcdonell first Bloody Sunday was Croke Park in Dublin when British forces fired into the crowd 1920s.  Tom Dmochowski if it’s a British border, then the British don’t have to do a thing, it remains soft and open.
That puts Star Trek sweatshirt back to the EU, if they wish to erect on their own territory.
One extra point. If no part of Ireland is Britain, how can it be a British border, on the Island of Ireland. Even if it was built by the British 100 years ago.


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