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Stan Lee Road shirt



This is Stan Lee Road shirt. I cried over first was Steve irwin, Snape growing up with the movies,n zobomafo the kenour n Williams. For me it was Paul Walker and now Stan Lee such beautiful amazing souls.

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Stan Lee Road shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Stan’s death hasn’t sunk in for me but the first celebrity that I cried for was Stan Lee Road shirt. freddie mercury makes me cry all the time but i wasn’t alive for his death. stan lee dying has made me cry at the very lease once every day since i found out about it which was monday. Robin Williams , Michael Jackson, Stan Lee Road shirt, Freddie Mercury, George Michael. And Stan Lee. All have a place in my Heart. Sara Lyles Samples I just watched Aladdin last night … the end scene where Aladdin goes “Genie … I’m going to miss you” had me in tears. I will admit that it hit me at 11PM and I just let the tears flow. Although I never met him, I sadly didn’t grow up with the comics (I didn’t get into comics until I was about 17 years old). I mainly knew about Stan Lee because of his reputation.


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