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Simpsons she wants the diddly Shirt



Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire was Simpsons she wants the diddly Shirt first episode. This episode was the last episode of the first season. Interestingly enough this episode was made first and was ment to be the first episode and was the first episode in production but they changed their minds.

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This is a rough draft of, Some Enchanted Evening. Although it was Simpsons she wants the diddly Shirt produced it ended up being the Season 1 Finale due some animation complexities. “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”, the 8th episode made was the first episode shown, but this isn’t it.

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I think Matt misses the old style as well… Simpsons she wants the diddly Shirt moved to Digital some years back. They’ve been doing all the art in Maya, or whatever program they use… but a lot of the artists, and fans as well, miss the hand drawn style. So, as I was saying… Matt’s new show, Disenchantment, looks a lot more classic, in the hand drawn style.

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I remember a show that came on late night on Simpsons she wants the diddly Shirt network back in the 80’s that looked to be a very early concept of the Simpsons. Think it was a short on Night Flight? This was the pilot episode of the Simpsons. The first episode was actually an xmas special. And believe it or not, they would use this same plot line of this episode in the Season 1 Finale called, “Some Enchanted Evening”, which aired on May 13, 1990, except everything was redrawn.


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