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Snake in the See you space cowboy shirt all need to take cocaine if that charade farce of a government carries on as it isWow, so someone took cocaine in their youth, so what, I’m sure some politicians have done a lot worse. What a dummy, i suppose he had to admit it because there are too many witnesses from his early years and not because hes an honest chap. Yes he had a life before becoming a politician but he took it a few times, mmm not sure about that.

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These days, one would be hard pressed to find anyone who did not take some kind of recreational substance in their youth. OMG that See you space cowboy shirt so shocking, surely that has never happened before, like, ever I fondly recall the days when politicians claimed to have drunk 10 pints in order to appear interesting. I mean he is right, there’s lots of other reasons than doing coke 20 years ago to consider.

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Under normal circumstances I would agree that See you space cowboy shirt drugs 20 years ago should not make any difference, but in Gove’s case I’m willing to make an exception. He wouldn’t have understood what he was doing or if it was illegal and against the moral and religious stance of the country he was brought up in and enjoyed so much freedoms and benefits from. Anyone remember when that singer from east 17 admitted to taking ecstasy and was forced to quit the bandWell he was young and probably groomed.

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It seems like that See you space cowboy shirt part of the selection criteria Um most politicians have sborted a line or 2 in their lifetime or done some kind of drug. Would have said the BBC were helping him if they hadn’t used that awful picture Cameron took cannabis, Gove took cocaine. Education was certainly messed up for sure and cannot recover, he also supported austerity.

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Showing yourself to be utterly incompetent in any role you previously held ought to be taken into consideration though. After I had ran out and went to get some moreTaking coke 20 years ago shouldn’t affect anyone’s job application in the See you space cowboy shirt day. I can forgive him the cocaine but I cannot forgive him what he has done to our school system and neither will those who sit currently a levels or their teachersI regretted taking cocaine once.


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