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Romero shirt

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Romero shirt
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I’ve worked at Claire’s and my manager told us if they’re not babies they can’t be held down and if they’re acting like they truly dont want it we cannot pierce and that Romero shirt at least 8 years ago. That’s how we were with kids riding roller coasters at an amusement park I worked at. If the kid said no, the parent couldn’t force the issue unless they wanted to be kicked out of the park.

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The child could get out of their restraint and get hurt or worse, and even injure other riders. Although I very much wanted my ears pierced when I was younger (and had them done at a Claire’s store), the Romero shirt are not even symmetrical on both sides of my face or centered on my ear lobes. This incident is very concerning, yes, but so should be the complete lack of professional training and experience carried by these piercers.

Romero shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

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I was a small child and they handed me a teddy bear while two ladies took aim and fired. One hole is lower than the Romero shirt and one is at a downward angle, such that I have to point the post toward my shoulder to get it to go through the hole. The one I go to has a beautiful huge jewelry case when you walk in and a nice waiting room upstairs with a big fish tank.


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