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Remember freedom is never free shirt



Remember freedom is never free shirt
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I love you. I’m thrilled to have recently discovered someone with Remember freedom is never free shirt connected views as my own. Gained a new follower today! Graham, you know damn well that all wars are based on lies orchestrated by the banking cartel families for population control & profit. Up next is WW3 which is designed to kill off billions.

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Remember freedom is never free shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

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All presidents & world leaders are merely role players for Remember freedom is never free shirt. If you’re in the military your real boss is the Rothschilds & Rockefellers who couldn’t care less about you ! These parasite families are multi trillionaires who own all central banks including the US Federal Reserve banks which means they own all national debts.

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The US national debt is over $21 trillion because of Remember freedom is never free shirt of Iraq & Afghanistan. In the near future the Rothschild controlled IMF will declare the US dollar insolvent which will cause worldwide economic collapse, chaos, Martial Law & WW3 as planned by the cartel. Also the rumors the media spreads about Area 51 & Hangar 18 are partially true. There are very large Beastly creatures but they are not from other planets they are human/animal hybrids created here by Nazi scientists who’ve been cloning humans since the end of WW2. HG Wells fictional book War of the Worlds brought to life.

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ndependence day ? Independent of  Remember freedom is never free shirt? The #1 US ally is the British. This country was founded by the British. The US Federal Reserve banks are owned by the Rothschilds who are…British, so to think the US is independent of the British is naive. The Bible even says the US empire would still be connected to the British empire so it’s really a US/UK empire.




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