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Reindeer christmas shirt



I was going to show this to my Reindeer christmas shirt until the notation that it really wasn’t Santa was posted. Can’t you post something that can be shown to children who still believe in Santa? This is such a cute video.

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Reindeer christmas shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

I think this is a neat story. Keep up the good Reindeer christmas shirt. You do an amazing job. what if one day you woke up and your nipples were completely gone like no scars or anything, just flat skin and then once you leave your room you found out your dad died last night and then several days later, you find out that for your entire life your dad has been sneaking into your room while you sleep and sucking on your chest to make two gigantic Reindeer christmas shirt where your nipples should be because you were born without them not for any sexual reasons, just so you would fit in.


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