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Pythagoras Vs Einstein T-Shirt



So he’s been criticised by Pythagoras Vs Einstein T-Shirt have never experienced what he has in largely peaceful and secular society of this nation? Lynn Ko he would be treated like this if he visited North Korea ,Iran or Saudi Arabia and promoting their tourism too.Myanmar is not exception here.

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Pythagoras Vs Einstein T-Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Does he really have to comply what mainstream media portray of someone’s nation as in whole? Lynn Ko no what he did is to show Myanmar in good light so people forget about Pythagoras Vs Einstein T-Shirt rights violation there.In many isis video they show how they r ruling the territory without violence or fight .that doesn’t mean people will go there and enjoy the peace there.North Korea only allow tourists to visit the place they authorised .they are all nice but that doesn’t mean these is no human rights violation there.


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