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Puppie Love Rescue Dog sweater



Graham Von Pratt I just watched Puppie Love Rescue Dog sweater one and he was doing his best Tyrion Lannister in that episode. I couldnt quite put my finger on who she was like your spot on You are a genius ,like many others I kept trying to come up with a comparison so spot on mate Janet Dunn Wish I was clever enough to come up with a meme.  Now that would be a show I’d be happy to watch each week.Sorry, she was wooden in Broad church and cringe worthy in this.

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Puppie Love Rescue Dog sweater, hoodie, tank top, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Su Pollard has more personality and skill in her Puppie Love Rescue Dog sweater though Callum Buchan exactly I couldn’t place were I had seen that character before hi de hi. LOL I agree.. I only caught a few minutes but she really put me off watching. She was over excited and breathless. Trying too hard perhaps. Shame as I like her in other stuff.What we need is Richard Ayoade as the Doctor, written by Puppie Love Rescue Dog sweater, Neil Gaiman and the Inside Number 9 guys.


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