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Poe some sugar on me shirt



I heard the story by a dj on Poe some sugar on me shirt before he played it…..about this song…he saw his friend drown as a boy and someone passing by wouldn’t help. He wrote a song about it and invited the culprit to the show, gave hm front row seats and sang the song. I don’t know if it true. I heard that before the internet was invented!

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I toured with Phil Collins in his Hot Night in Poe some sugar on me shirt . What a fantastic man! His music has so much meaning and soul in it. Most won’t ever know the true meaning of his lyrics. You ladies are making Phil proud with your rendition of “In the Air Tonight.” Keep up the great work!!

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Most will. In 2017 he had an interview with Poe some sugar on me shirt and explained that he wrote it in anger while going through his divorce. Some people kept spreading that dumb rumor of someone drowning lol. He went out n said none of that was true.

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Almost every song Collins wrote for several years was about his Poe some sugar on me shirt. Scott R. Bliege my first concert 1982 JFK stadium I was 13 , I was told this song was about him and what he saw happen to his mother when he was young.  I love phil Collins , he is one of my favored musicians since I was a teenager .. I still have the CD and this is one of my favored song next to easy lover.

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Phil emailed me all his secrets, so only I understand all Poe some sugar on me shirt . We were mates when we were in school and are still bffs. Willa Reed according to Phil Collins he doesn’t know what this song was about he just spontaneously wrote it.


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