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Pineapple Santa Christmas sweater



There are far better and more suitable Pineapple Santa Christmas sweater out there……Might be time for the Tardis to disappear forever. Think it’s had it’s day now. Not watched much of this last series but wasn’t impressed.It was just an exercise in P.C anyway.

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Pineapple Santa Christmas sweater, hoodie, tank top, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Nothing against Jodie but the storylines have been Pineapple Santa Christmas sweater loved it, I think the cast are brilliant and it’s been good to have a little history in the storylinesAll the old Dr Who’s had “alittle history in the storylines”, where have you been? She just didn’t portray any of it very well unlike the past actors.Steven Priesel um she’s done a great job. I don’t know that you’ve actually watched any episodes. Do you have any specifics of how she “didn’t portray any of it very well?”Amanda he is allowed an opinion i liked her not perfect but not bad in my opinion maybe if you watched Pineapple Santa Christmas sweater since the first doctor you would notice the differences.


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