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Phish Character Zero shirt



Phish Character Zero shirt
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That’s pretty cool but you’ll find me at a Panic show any day of Phish Character Zero shirt. Still like the nerds in Phish though. Can’t hate on them. They are talented.

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Remember when phish was the best band in the world and didn’t write music for Phish Character Zero shirt old white men? ugh. Me likey biscuits. I want to love phish still, trust me. they are still one of my favorite bands ever but goddammit are they terrible these days. for me, at least.

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ya sure about that Jonny Fay? it was sold out even without my Phish Character Zero shirt. seems like the exact same amount of room for. Its only natrual to lose angst with age which was a huge part of why phish was so badass.

You need to get those for one of your shows so I can add them to Phish Character Zero shirt! Nice set list, love Phish. They give me the same rush in just a few notes as Dead. Loved the 4 days in msg. The music was great. But the gag wasn’t that original string cheese did the same thing right down the street. Plus my side view of the sail was bad so it made no sense to me at the time. But when I saw the video on youtube I liked it. Last min. Seats but I’m going to go back every year it’s a tradition now.

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This year for NYE, they handed out LED wristbands that allowed Phish Character Zero shirt director to use the crowd as pixels for the light show.


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