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My patronus is a unicorn shirt



My patronus is a unicorn shirt
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Guys thank you for your support, I’m still not sure how to get their attention, I’ve made this comment several times before. This might sound kinda corny but it was pretty neat… My patronus is a unicorn shirt test tells you to think about the happiest moment in your life. I was thinking about the birth of my son.

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Potter more team. I think that this is My patronus is a unicorn shirt  in this regard, the website does not work properly with screen readers or VoiceOver which makes it not accessible to me as a blind person. Signing up was extremely difficult, I managed it after about an hour of trying, however doing the test for the Petronas proved to be impossible.
Please do something in this regards, blind people usually find it easier to use tablets and mobile phone because we can actually touch My patronus is a unicorn shirt and voiceover or screen readers help us navigate, at least that’s my case. Thanks, I really hope my comment gets your attention.

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I have tried My patronus is a unicorn shirt and I’m afraid that, no it is not accessible for blind people. This is the problem, when I touch my finger to the screen so that VoiceOver might read the question the screen reader is unable to read it. It is either that the questions come up and then disappear faster than the screen reader could read them or that The format of the questions, the screen, is simply not accessible.

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That’s not working either, if I am the only blind guy who has raised this objection then most likely My patronus is a unicorn shirt is with me or maybe that I don’t know how to do it. So it’s OK forget it
But just for you guys to know, have someone use an iPhone or an iPad, turn voiceover on and try to do it.



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