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Official Bob Marley shirt



Coal burning is 100% of Official Bob Marley shirt. Power plants burn the most coal. In Poland, the Belchatow power plant burns coal every minute, which can be filled to the brim with one railway car. The most is coal-fired power plants in the USA, Canada and Australia. It’s terrible amounts. One power plant emits more CO2 than the entire country from the chimneys of houses.

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Inhabitants of Official Bob Marley shirt to throw away coal power, You must apply
use wind turbines and photovoltaic panels.This mixture is very important only so it will work.
Photovoltaic panels are successfully used in Poland in they can heat the flat. At night when photovoltaic panels are not working turbines must work. Holy father, Official Bob Marley shirt, Biological father, at least its not the Never Father.


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