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OCD obsessions crocheting disorder shirt



Is anyone else irritated there is not OCD obsessions crocheting disorder shirt on the bottom right tip like there is on the left? Ocd kicking in. Eye twitch.  And I’m going to move as slowly as this person is while I’m making it.

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OCD obsessions crocheting disorder shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Unisex Sweatshirt front

All this just to be topped with slices of OCD obsessions crocheting disorder shirt… who thought this was a good idea? So good but no tomato a light spreading of pesto and really they’re gonna make it all fancy and then put American cheese on it wtf.

Made this for an ornament exchange party this past weekend….added OCD obsessions crocheting disorder shirt and shredded mozzarella….it was delicious! Maybe I can attempt this for Christmas Eve? I’ll do a test run this weekend. My mom and I make this during the holidays; it’s super fun and pretty manageable – would recommend for sure!

Unisex Hoodie front

Reminds me of your OCD obsessions crocheting disorder shirt… it yours was prettier! This looks yummy something you guys would have fun making with the kids this weekend! Put the tomatoes on the other way and they will look more like ornaments.




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