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Obsessive chicken disorder shirt



Obsessive chicken disorder shirt
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I feel like the chicken could use more time in Obsessive chicken disorder shirt or u could straight up marinate the chicken for a few hours.  The music used in these clips is awesome, where can I get this? Also the recipes look very delicious.

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I was wondering the same thing like why it gotta be crack Obsessive chicken disorder shirt? If it was in the brine enough, you wouldn’t need to salt it…if you’re just going to add salt after having sat in a salt solution, you might as well just dry salt it and let it sit for an hour…same effect.

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I’m making this chicken right now but you only have one measurement for Obsessive chicken disorder shirt sugar but use it twice??? How much brown sugar did you use in the bbq sauce? It’s okay we can always pick up some more from shoppers. On a chicken recipe? When did our society get so casual about vulgarity just because it’s acronym-ed?

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This would be a good recipe too. Bet you could get Dad to do Obsessive chicken disorder shirt. Do veggies or salad on the side. That looks so good..but I don’t think they should call it Crack saying.


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