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Notre dame the shirt

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Notre dame the shirt
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. Unfortunately it hasn’t been that Notre dame the shirt in the past, which is truly awful. Susan Gaylord they may have been orphans or just simply taken away by the authorities, giving the parents no power to argue.

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Yes, where were their parents or those who were supposed to be looking after the Notre dame the shirt Just because all our dirty laundry is visible doesn’t make any other state or country cleaner. Investigations happened over the years but things weren’t fixed and nobody was held accountable.

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The articles I’ve read from NPR and NYT seem to say nobody was held accountable. We are no better than the Notre dame the shirt sending people out to be eaten by hungry lions at the Coliseum. The best we can do now is somehow learn from it and try to prevent it from happening somewhere else.

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Hope things will change with new generation Y, baby boomers and beyond were way too barbaric. Because children aren’t considered of great importance in our society as you might suspect and children whose parents aren’t involved are considered more of a burden than a blessing to just about everyone.

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What a disgusting, sad, immoral discovery, let us hope it will answer many questions for many friends & relatives. This sort of thing was the Notre dame the shirt for Alaska Native children to be sent to in the 30’s through the 60’s.


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