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Notorious B.I.G Gimme the lute shirt



Notorious B.I.G Gimme the lute shirt
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I’m so happy that in 2018 I can still find Notorious B.I.G Gimme the lute shirt to have biggie vs Pac talks with His discovery is alot smaller than tupacs and that’s understatement of the century however his 2 album have more quality than all of pacs albums put together.

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Notorious B.I.G Gimme the lute shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

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Big was a good rapper but I honestly can’t say I like most of Notorious B.I.G Gimme the lute shirt he put out I mean notorious thugs hypnotize big papa what’s beef one more chance and maybe a few more but Tupac was more than just a rapper he was a poet a philosopher an activist an actor and honestly one of the smartest people I ever listen to talk but that’s just me.

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Personally I grew up in a house where my family was the big Dog on Notorious B.I.G Gimme the lute shirt and we always had shit going on and the truth of it is no artist (out of any genre) speaks to my heart my soul and my mind like Tupa. Maybe it’s because we are both Gemini and we vibe and our mindset is the same I don’t know. But either way I think it’s absolutely amazing that a man I never met and y’all probably never met has us all mourning like we lost a family member 22 years later that’s mind blowing to me! And one more thing before I go to y’all that vote team B.I.G. We can’t all be perfect not my fault y’all smokin bad weed. I never saw biggie set a truce between the B’s and C’s just so y’all know.

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Biggie had word play but pac made sure they were delivered home..and that’s why when dear mama came out everyone would care to dedicate it to their mother’s on Notorious B.I.G Gimme the lute shirt..i am sure every thug later made sure they called their mom just to know how they’re doing after listening to the record for the first time and left orphans crying wishing. Their mother’s were alive.


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