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Not today Cupid anti Valentine Shirt



Not today Cupid anti Valentine Shirt
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I’m cracking up just thinking of Not today Cupid anti Valentine Shirt doing “I touch myself”! Epic wouldn’t even describe it! Please do it! Courtney Richard give Helen a “bone” haha it was a good one.

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Not today Cupid anti Valentine Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Unisex Hoodie front

You’re breakin him down Helen!! He couldn’t help but smile at Not today Cupid anti Valentine Shirt!! Remember “the Horbaths never give up”!!! You will smash one day! Careless Whisper was a great choice, hard to believe that didn’t get you to Smashburg, Smashylvania, clearly Steven’s gay, I think you’re going to have to dress up as a guy and try to hit on him that way. Then once you have him in bed, reveal it’s you, and he’ll realize, it’s been you he’s wanted all along, and the Smash will finally collide and tiny smashes will be born!

Unisex Sweatshirt front

You are awesome I love your videos and the shit u come up with to say crazy love Not today Cupid anti Valentine Shirt.  A Michael Jackson medley… Billie Jean as sung by Helen to Steven… “Steven is not my loverrrrr… but soon I’ll smash that one… “ and she can dress up in the tux, have the one glove, dance like Michael … then go to smooth criminal “Steven are you okay? Are you okay steven?” Remember the time… she can dress up and have Eddie Murphy order Steven carried off to her bed … or Thriller and she can stalk Steven as usual… but with dancing zombies!

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I’m at the nursing home visiting my mom. Middle if her physical therapy session she has to stand and Not today Cupid anti Valentine Shirt, stand up for Jesus! I looked at him, him at me and we bust out laughing. I said I love Helen too!

Women's Long Sleeved T-Shirt front

My humps, my milkshake, Not today Cupid anti Valentine Shirt, don’t stop believing ago I could make so many funny covers with these songs.


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