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Nikola Tesla ride the lightning shirt



I don’t follow anyone blindly. I agree that both parties have the same Nikola Tesla ride the lightning shirt but I want to be able to have more knowledge to make better judgements. They all want money and power and promise what is convenient at that time for them. They switch parties like playing games. Is a reality.

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In school they only name Thomas Edison, Now at 58 years old I know the truth about Nikola Tesla ride the lightning shirt but I am not surprised, that is why we did not know about the ” Hidden Figures” The female African Americans at NASA that made possible for the first USA astronaut orbit around the earth: John Glenn. History is not what it seems.

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believe only Liberals write the books. Republicans are also involved and I am pretty sure things get written according to who benefits from Nikola Tesla ride the lightning shirt either hiding the real events or inventing events or simply by omission. There are a lot of trues we haven’t heard and it is sad because is our history and we should have access to all of it, not bits and pieces according to,someone’s beliefs or ideas. Let the readers decide what it means to them. For me that is true freedom and Democracy!

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I am discovering more and more through Nikola Tesla ride the lightning shirt movie specials, books, TV programs than taught at school. I am happy that even though late in my life is never took late to learn. I love to read and lately more movies are based on true stories.


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