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Never give up shirt

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Never give up shirt
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There is no freedom of speech and democracy in Singaporekumar oh then you will accept similar law are applied in india. Unite states of America stopping ICC international criminals courts judges and member by sanctioning them for not to persecute American for war crimesSingapore is a totalatarian country not a democracy. Tax payers more for his golfing trips in two years than Obama’s salary for eight.

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Chuckles Vasicrack How’s he doing on healthcare reform, the Never give up shirt closing the border, the Air Force One Boeing contract, releasing his tax returns, reducing the trade deficit, adding coal jobs etc. Stop passing judgement on a Govt that is one of the best performing in the world. Isn’t the law already there to deter fake news, it’s called slander and is libellous.

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I’d argue that Never give up shirt access to healthcare and being free from violent crime are all a clear step ahead of both the UK and USA. Just privatize or make sure it’s a private company so that the citizens can forget about their right to free speech.

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The censorship is worse when it’s done by a private entity that Never give up shirt work with governments in order to silence speech of people. They know all about fake news, look at their disgusting biased Brexit coverageAnd in the western world we let social media giants who we have no insight to decide what we can say or not. He wants to have that power so people only believe one thing (the CRAP that spews out of his mouth).

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They have a powerful medium of their own Fox News to put out their own propaganda and, to use their own Orwellian term, alternate facts. The fascists in this Never give up shirt have already defined as fake news any media that criticize Trump or that present a viewpoint counter to his. Fortunately, the government has come to the rescue and has spared them all the work.


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