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Music in space shirt

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Music in space shirt
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Those dresses look much nicer than some of the Music in space shirt on show at Aintree this week. This is a great project in my town, its been super to see the community come together to support it. Year 11 is an expensive thing, prom clothes, transport and paying £55 to even go to the prom, leavers jumpers and year books.

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Music in space shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

Music in space shirt ladies tee Ladies tee

Whilst this Music in space shirt a great idea I’d prefer it if schools thought carefully about staging events that are inclusive rather than exclusive. My daughter and son did not want to go to prom, instead they asked for donation to go towards something they wanted. It’s a special time and I am happy to see others doing this too.

Music in space shirt Long sleeved Long sleeved

We were in a position to do that, but I know many families wouldn’t be able to. Don’t worry, what goes on will be just between you and a hypothetical me. I didn’t go to my school prom, but it didn’t stop me wearing a pretty dress that Music in space shirt

Music in space shirt, hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Music in space shirt hoodie Hoodie

In my OPINION (before anyone starts) I think they should just get rid of the Music in space shirt idea. Now the poor Kids can go from feeling like sh*t because they can’t afford flash gear, to the poor kids feeling like sh*t because they have to go to the ‘dress bank’. Then, a couple of years later came my daughter’s ( even more expensive) turn.

Music in space shirt sweater Sweater

I remember, as a single parent, footing the Music in space shirt watering bill for my son’s outfit ( from Next). Branka Kovacevic Platten So many students love proms and they have been in the UK for at least 15 years. Some 7 years later I don’t regret it lolLiz Bland my mum and dad were OK off but they wouldn’t fork out for a £1k frock to wear for one night, it’s a ridiculous American thing.


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