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Michigan Grinch Santa Toilet



“Although Michigan Grinch Santa Toilet would look better on the bedroom floor if you know what I mean”. Is anyone going to appreciate that gold bar of a joke. I’m pretty sure he meant it as it was taken off while he was shagging her.

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Michigan Grinch Santa Toilet, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Yeah Jasmine, rag as in “ayo bitch grab your Michigan Grinch Santa Toilet and lemme wipe this off my tip and and your back. Oh don’t worry I’ll send you home in one of my shirts, you white bitches love a man’s oversized shirt dontchu?”. Give it 20yrs or so and there will be a headline BREAKING NEWS “The Grinch has been accused of sexual assault “.  I would love to see Jim Carrey as Michigan Grinch Santa Toilet and Will Farrell as Elf walking around NY City together.


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