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Merry Christmoose Bullwinkle hoodie



Merry Christmoose Bullwinkle hoodie
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Adam Walke meyer some people dont realize that Merry Christmoose Bullwinkle hoodie of our current society were seeded by this man. I’m sure none of you put blessings on Saddam or bin Laden when they died. The Iraq War was a Prelude to 911 so he’s responsible for your hate that you have today.

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Merry Christmoose Bullwinkle hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

You clowns that say you was more liberal than Bill Clinton should congratulate him for bringing out the hate that was long simmering in you. And as for killing innocent people for their resources Merry Christmoose Bullwinkle hoodie have been accused of this. I never voted for a bush but it least it was nothing like the disgrace of crap that we have for president now Adam Walke meyer can we tag the FBI in this thread.
Have a little respect for Merry Christmoose Bullwinkle hoodie, you don’t have to agree with the politics. Ur a foolI think people are so desentisized by having a lying, racist, pig in the White house, that he seems like a really great guy. Bush was an evil slimy man Adam Walke meyer is just glad he is dead Andrew Miller must feel good to wish death on others.


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