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Marvin Gave Shirt

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To be fair, a coked up Prime Minister would do far better than the Marvin Gave Shirt in charge at the moment. He might be telling lies they lie about everything else Being a mean spirited man who ruined education and who obviously hates anyone who isn’t from the social class as he is should though. Not a fan of his but really going after someone that they snorted 20 years ago is pretty pathetic.

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His road to be prime minister isn’t so much a road paved with gold but lined with the Marvin Gave Shirt stuff Well that doesn’t surprise me at all but it does explain his bad decisions and utter incompetence. I think hes a muppet,but he shouldn’t be judged for taking cocaine years ago,i bet hes not the only one in the government who have. Not exactly a fan of Gove but doing a bit of coke 20 years ago shouldn’t have an effect on his viability as a candidateIf it was ‘Ganja’ then cool.

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It was reprehensible and stupid and it’s not like he harmed anybody directly but it contributed to a global criminal trade which ruins people’s lives. Get in touch with the Marvin Gave Shirt people of this country outside of the M25.

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He obviously realises that Marvin Gave Shirt drug trade, people smuggling trade et al all go hand in hand. If he took cocaine and has admitted to it he should be prosecuted, it’s a crime. It was 20 years agoWho cares what he did 20yrs ago, does one have to be a saint to now run for office.

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People need to get a grip if they think this Marvin Gave Shirt him as a person now. It shouldn’t, but we all know if people don’t like him they will use it against him. I am sure treeza would have had him locked up if she was PM.


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