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I love my Saints shirt



I love my Saints shirt
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Why are all you little crybabies forgetting all the missed facemask calls? As for I love my Saints shirt fan Wyatt Ford, really? You’re going to talk about blown or fake fouls? How about that roughing the passer idiot.

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Saints had 1st and 10 on the Rams 13 yard line with 1:58 left in I love my Saints shirt quarter. Ran three plays consisting of ONE run and two passes. That’s poor coaching and what lost the game. Call three runs to eat the clock and make the Rams burn their timeouts. If you don’t get the TD, you still get the field goal and the Rams have far less time and no timeouts. Coaching lost the game for the Saints.

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Henry L. Lima dude it’s going to change football. The larger is going to but in place challenges on non called I love my Saints shirt. And they are going to have an over ride system if the refs do something like that again. It’s going to go down as the worst officiating call/non call in sports history. The guy came out and admitted he intentionally fouled him because he was going to catch the ball and end the game. Andddddd not to mention the NHL controls all betting on game.

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Tom Again we do not know for sure. Calling anyone outside of their I love my Saints shirt won’t give the Saints a W. Henry L. Lima your paragraph would have been a lot shorter ,if the refs made the call it would have been more like three kneel downs field goal game over.


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