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Living my best life shirt



Living my best life shirt
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Michael Lee thanks too, you are Living my best life shirt Further meaning. If it has legs it will go far on its own so it does not need anyone’s help.and if you’re not confused enough, if you taste wine in a proper wine glass, you swirl it for aroma & color, then watch the wine settle back to the bottom of the glass. The lines the wine creates settling back to the bottom are called “legs”. If a wine has good legs, it settles slowly.

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Living my best life shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Richly down Living my best life shirt. If it settles quickly, it’s got “no legs”. Confusing this language of ours. “Hang in there”! Bus company is selling it self SHORT…… on practically I thought N.Z solved this problem centuries ago.Kiwi men have always worn shorts to work as far back as l can remember.well over 50 years.

LolIf your content editor was as good as your pun editor your Living my best life shirt would take you seriously. Ok maybe Australia’s not so bad Oh I’m fine with overalls thanks I’m assuming it doesn’t prevent them from doing their jobs properly? Then…….. what’s the issue? Well…regulate the length of the shorts. It can be too hot on the buses. Some of our drivers wear them.


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