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Kansas City Chiefs have K.C



Kansas City Chiefs have K.C was actually winning games there once upon a time. I Don’t know what’s wrong with them this year our offensive. line sucks! to be fair it was one of the best games this year so far. its really good you should watch it if you can.

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Siemian went from looking pretty good the first few weeks to this. I like the kid but damn those were some of the worst decisions I have seen made at the qb spot in a long time in Denver. And Brock wouldn’t do any better unfortunately. Reminds me to much of Kansas City Chiefs have K.C. The Good the bad and the ugly Rex. Damn it, worried about my daughter being sick with a fever I couldn’t break, I missed what looks like one of Kansas City Chiefs have K.C of the season yet. Monday Night Football didn’t cross my mind one time today.


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