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Only Judy Can Judge Me Shirt



Only Judy Can Judge Me Shirt
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If people didn’t ridicule Only Judy Can Judge Me Shirt just because it their voting preference,he just might get more sympathy,ever thought about that. Well said Antonia ….most people are suffering in silence only few care and reach out when they noticed someone is in pain.

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Only Judy Can Judge Me Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

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Michael Cochrane It’s easy to say that, but who’s to say it’s Only Judy Can Judge Me Shirt the person might be making when suffering, that they would regret if it were possible!! Do you realize that your post might encourage a person with mental illness you don’t even know to end their life?? Many people learn to cope with mental illness, just as people cope with physical ailments!

Alan Hill “I have resentment against pious clowns like you that haven’t been in tOnly Judy Can Judge Me Shirt of family members that have plotted to kill you for your money…” And you know that how exactly? Pathetic clown. Keyboard warrior. You’re being nasty just to be nasty. And that’s a sad cry for help, imho. I hope you get the help you need.

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I have borderline personality disorder, and it’s not about Only Judy Can Judge Me Shirt seeking. We live with constant self-hate. We don’t see ourselves as good enough. The depression is crippling. The constant fear that we’ll be abandoned is horrendous.


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