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Jeep Flag USA shirt

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Could you imagine how many homeruns Babe Ruth could have had with modern equipment?It’s a “fancy dress” entry. You see the Jeep Flag USA shirt going as panto horses? Well you couldn’t qualify for that record if you chose not to compete in the horse legs… same thing really.Courtney Lynn because it is about the dress. That adds a degree of difficulty to it and they all agreed.

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If they dont like it they create their own annual event not protest the Jeep Flag USA shirt they chose to participate inSam Moran >Nurses somewhere in the world may wear similar attire.<. Errr what nurses in what country wear nurses uniforms from Florence Nightingale’s era? Hilarious
So, it’s a record for running in an outdated nurse costume?

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That’s a pretty stupid record.Sarah Vaeth There are a lot of really stupid records. Like “Most rotations hanging from a power drill in one minute”.Whelp, it’s a record this Jeep Flag USA shirt wanted……and still didn’t manage to dress correctly for it. Stephen Lafaver It’s not about you Einstein but those crying over it while dismissing it as stupid…Panam Haging I’m not crying over it.

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I fully support Guinness for sticking to the Jeep Flag USA shirt of their silly records. Just enjoying the laugh at people who think it is about feminism when it’s just a silly costume.Sarah Vaeth sounds like she didn’t actually read the rules in the first place but somehow wants them changed after the fact. Next time petition for the rules to changed before or else you just look like a remainer with the post loss crying.Kim Andrews Probably the only places to actually purchase those outfits anymore are adult costume sites and stores.Kindra Hanke I hope they haven’t got a minimum hem length on the dress Well yes. Because its unfair to the existing holder to let others take their because its easier attire. She would have been better asking the record book to create a new record.They do know that nurses don’t dress like that anymore,and haven’t for a very long time Stephanie Nash It’s.

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A. Costume. It also applies to any person wanting to break that Jeep Flag USA shirt Female or male.Then it should state that it’s a record for a historic nurses uniform – as nurses don’t wear aprons or hats anymore!!!!Did you read the chef requirements? June Button Queen or that it’s a nurse “costume” instead of a uniform. The attire they describe have I only ever seen at masquerade shops.Lana Rose Neville-Mohammad she wasn’t running in ‘some countries’ though was she?


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