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grumpy jolly enough christmas shirt



My boy always looks mad too. Grumpy jolly enough christmas shirt is a puppy photo of him, he’s almost one now, but, I feel like he’s always mean mugging everyone and he doesn’t look away either.  is fudge gonna have his foto shoot too this year hope he’ll be smiling as usual, this one certainly wasn’t in the mood. Good luck guys.

grumpy jolly enough christmas shirt hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

Grumpy jolly enough christmas shirt

Our dog always got christmas dinner…turkey and trimmings on christmas day….she lived till she was 15…good old age for a retiever.  None of my 5 huskies would have tolerated that stupid reindeer headgear for more than a second or two! grumpy jolly enough christmas shirt is hilarious just like me… i would look at you and your fat cat celebrating christmas just with the same facial expression. Well of course he liked the snow he’s a husky I want one so bad one day but I don’t want to live somewhere cold cause it puts me in pain and I feel like grumpy jolly enough christmas shirt wouldn’t be right to take one somewhere hot cause they are happiest in the cold.  Beautiful boy. I would hate Christmas too if I couldn’t eat any of the food or go near the ornaments. I heard and saw grumpy jolly enough christmas shirt of Grumpy Cat but I’ve never heard of grumpy dog he’s really mean Muggin she better leave him alone.

this is how I picture you around Christmas, a big Christmas dog grinch. Quote “ahh I hate Christmas lights” “that tree just looks like it’s in fire” “I’m a Christmas grinch and I hate all things that make people feel warm and fuzzy inside”. every time i see a Husky I think of your Athena, she always looks so happy and goggly eyed….. this grumpy jolly enough christmas shirt is just too adorable though. I’m sure he loves the snow, treats and being anywhere with you…I’m pretty sure it’s grumpy jolly enough christmas shirt he’s not fond of…he always struck me as the dog version of a 4 star general and the antlers are just not “Stark”. why does he looks like me when forced to get clicked or be affectionate towards humans like why. rocky would never have done anything like this. I’ll have to come over again for another photo shoot. No he doesn’t like Christmas because you make him dress up like this! Saying he doesn’t like Christmas cuz he doesn’t get to eat any of grumpy jolly enough christmas shirt let’s get real he doesn’t like being dressed up look at that face. this was me when you forced me to get that Christmas sweater.


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