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Joe Matheny usually when I post a video with GREAT DANE OWNER SHIRT it’ll reject it then I’ll get a notification staying it rejected it because I don’t own the music and it gives me the option to post it anyways and I just click post it anyways.

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So confused I shoot a video of my kid sleeping with GREAT DANE OWNER SHIRT blasting in the background and Facebook rejects the 20 second video because the music in the background. How does this video go through with all the songs. Not complaining just want to know what they look for when it comes to sounds.

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Joe Matheny I had Celine Dion for a slide show on FB and I was emailed that it was taken off due to copyright infringement, and it was only about 2 min long. Song made GREAT DANE OWNER SHIRT too. It’s simple to write I do not own the rights to this music when you post stuff and that kind of passes up a lot of GREAT DANE OWNER SHIRT I’ve noticed. It is strange that some post you get a notification saying that it was taken down because it does not follow the guidelines.

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I have a lot of one dollar silver certificates and two dollar bills was trying to sell them so I posted them and Facebook took it down somebody remarked probably fake no they’re not fake I own them I was just trying to see if I could sell them but yet there are little cartoon pictures of a man going down on a woman , I’ve seen pictures of a woman with her butt cheeks hanging out I’ve seen cartoon pictures of a man at a doctor’s office naked so I just don’t get it don’t get it.

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Joe Matheny I posted a video of my Autistic son dancing to GREAT DANE OWNER SHIRT at 2 years old. Today it is still his favorite song he is 7 they banned me from Facebook for 30 days. I understand what you mean.



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