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German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt



I will always have a German shepherd in my house, my wife and I absolutely love German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt, between us we’ve had 9 GSd’s 4 of which since we got together…. my current boy Bram with my wife’s pooch photobombing. Our german shepherd that we had when our daughter was three. German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt were the best of friends and very protective towards her.

German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt

I’m still angry at you but German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt confirms our dog is part German Shepherd. Look at the dog at 2 mins if you’re too annoying and a poo head to watch German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt thing also I am still mad at you. My boy Jackson! Can’t even go for a pee without this lad trying to get into the toilet beside me! Loves his Dad and two sisters and me with so much devotion! First time GSD owners , hard work but well worth it!

That black one, lying on the snow, looking at the snow falling down from German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt, just taking it all in. Truly blissful. Princess Leia ❤️Noone would get within a 5mile radius of me or my kids, yet the most gentle loving soul you could ever know. Still a 9 month old pup. My grandpa had a German shepherd and I’d visit every summer. The first summer we spent together, she laid and let me pet her for hours. After that, every summer that I visited she never left my side. She wasn’t allowed on furniture and she would shut German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt when I’d lay down in bed so she could climb into bed with me without getting caught lol. Always got caught though when my pap would come in to say goodnight. She was an awesome dog. Gorgeous, sweet, extremely loyal and would naturally protect you with their life; so training them to attack isn’t ideal. German Shepherds are so amazing! Love them. Had one as a kid but would love one again someday.

I have a German shepherd / chow chow mix. She’s 9 years old and my big baby. She soothed my kids when they were infants.. slept on the foot of German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt when they were sick. She only listens to my 3 year old daughter now a days lol. Had her since she was 3-4 weeks old I rescued her.  when i was 2 a german shepard attacked me, literally ripped my face and left ear half way off. i needed multiple plastic surgery’s. but for some reason German Shepards are my favorite breed. Got our GS from the Forces. When the trainee dogs don’t quite make German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt they need rehoming. Well trained and healthy. Will be getting another. GSD’s are not over bred if you go to a long term breeder who brings Sire’s in from abroad. Our young lady is what everyone could wish for in a dog, please don’t generalise. Good and bad breeders are about for all breeds.

I lost my baby a couple of months ago at the age of 10. German shepherds are one of the smartest breeds of dogs, they are emotional creatures with so much love to give and they are loyal to German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt. I miss her everyday. Amazing Breed The Strong Bond between German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt and his or her Family is immeasurable. Loved the video , it pretty much sums up the uniqueness of this breed to be what you need at any given time …A best friend, comedian, or protector , these dogs do it all
Thanks for sharing this video Tom. German shepherds are some of the most loyal dogs. Unfortunately sometimes they get a bad reputation. Watching these they just wanna make you go awwww. Just love German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt breed best ever have had 3 of them plus other breeds but nothing comes close to a shepherd so loyal and super intelligent would have another one tomorrow if I could. I’ve had 5 GSDS and 5 Daschunds over the course of my adult life. Only one GSD nipped a running teenager but all 5 of my doxies at one time (or more) went after kids. Raised and socialized them all the same. It’s a combination of many things, but being a conscientious and caring owner is the key to most of it. I had one called ruby. She was an attack dog, had her in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the last days of German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt. Couldn’t take her home with me. Miss her. Love German Shepard so sweet loyal protectors and for me the most beautiful dogs mine was so precious unfortunately he cross the bridge to the rainbow and I miss him every day love u Kazan.

Any dog can attack even a little breed its how they are treated you have to treat any dog with love and have control. It’s all in good training as a puppy. A dog with good behaviour will be you faithfull companion for its life. Thanks for pulling all of this together! German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt and puppies are so cute/handsome. That is a highly intelligent and trainable breed. Good job to both handlers/trainers as well. Everyone includes you! I’d have three if my husband would let me. This is Darla hard at work after testing toys, treats and playing with friends at German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt! I don’t care what anyone says the German shepherd is the most beautiful dog in entire world and their intelligence surpasses everyone and everything. I’m still trying to figure out the hot dog dog/shepherd mix. Somebody had to have been hurt in the making of that little German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt.

There is nothing like a German Shepard! They have always taken my breath away just watching them and appreciating them. Such fiercely loyal to their German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt. Only had our North for 10 yrs and lost him last July. I cannot get over losing him- he was the best friend I’ve ever had and attached to my hip. I know he would have given his life for me and I would have done the same for him. Miss u so much North. U will always b my true North. I agree 100%. Mine is my shadow an more faithful then most people. She lives to make me happy an hates it when we’re apart. Even if it’s just going to the bathroom! Lol! She makes everyday happy!!! As a boy a had a German Shepherd Mix.and I honestly believed German Shepherd ugly Christmas shirt I could teach him singing Silent Night. In the end I thought that he could really sing. However, my parents and my brother had to undergo medical treatment by some psycho plumbers.


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