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Future Hendrix kid shirt



Future Hendrix kid shirt
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If you’ve ever seen future live you know how bad this is Future Hendrix kid shirt if you just sutting watching from your phone of course your satisfied. It was recorded live for Facebook, so the crowd hears his auto tuned voice. Everyone there hears his regular voice. We the people who watch it live hear it directly from the mic no effects.

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Appreciate the streaming of this, i love a good Future concert. Haven’t seen him in concert since this past Future Hendrix kid shirt. That’s not normal 4 me. I been rocking with Future since itchin!! I have every album,every mixtape, every trap album. That’s bae. Keep doing ya thing Future!

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First time I ever understood his lyrics wow just when I thought I was gonna waste another five minutes of life. I give Future Hendrix kid shirt a 2thumbs up. I hope yaw listening with some expensive head phone because thats shats needed here.

Why war? War is the humans last resort. As you previously stated energy can be either transformed or destroyed. If you destroyed your enemy you’ve now destroyed that energy.  Y’all jus be talking you don’t know if he high or not just be talking damn mind you business the man could be just gettn over a cold or the flu or something.

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Future can NOT be lumped in with Future Hendrix kid shirt…he is on a whole different level and he has songs that are legit brilliant…stop hating, hate on pump or 69 if u gotta hate lol future is a legend.


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