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Fuckoff American we’re full shirt



Fuckoff American we’re full shirt
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I’m surprised that none of Fuckoff American we’re full shirt so far haven’t pinched her nose closed during rehearsals and said, “sing from your mouth and not your nose.” I think Gabby is very beautiful, but she has bad singing habits that aren’t being fixed. And I just feel like her performances are more like karaoke nights, because she is trying to impersonate Carrie Underwood too much.

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Christine Cassaday no not at all all of Fuckoff American we’re full shirt have continuously said to her you must decide who you are and as far as the judges I dont think the behavior of Katy should be allowable and I fekt only one with any critiques were Lionel.. and I’m a huge Luke fan… the stopping of her during the audition was met with don’t try to be Carrie but it’s carried all along … she does have a nasal tone to her singing but she’s not the best singer .. and Idol.
Lost it’s relevance prior due to being popularity how is it 5 minutes in and only song was group you have 2 million votes people are voting who they like not who did best.

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I had to search for Fuckoff American we’re full shirt other performance from tonight, and she did so great on the Whitney Houston song! That is the type of music she should be doing! You are so right. She tries to be Carrie way touch!! She needs to be herself, they even said that once this is over be you!!


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