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Freddie Mercury we are the champions shirt



By far the best movie I have ever seen in my Freddie Mercury we are the champions shirt!! Rami Malek deserves an Oscar OMG! So much emotion, so brilliant! You are truly missing out if you don’t see it! Want to see it again! I was blown away! I have no words for that movie. It is more than 100% perfect! Unbelievable what they have done. My feelings when the stage opened to live aid 85 …. can’t discribe. The movie is so close to the real Queen World!

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Freddie Mercury we are the champions shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

I just saw Freddie Mercury we are the champions shirt! It was amazing. Regrettably, I never had the opportunity to see Queen in concert but this movie really did put me there! Loved it! Rest in peace Freddie! You are gone but never forgotten! Your music lives on. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, my friends …
I don’t talk much about my preferences or my personal experiences but, I have been wanting to share this one… I must admit that Freddie Mercury we are the champions shirt has been one of my passions since I have memory. Surrounded by a family who always shared the same passion I was always encouraged to enjoy this Art, and I really do!
There are wonderful stories out there and it’s not difficult to find great ones…but Bohemian Rhapsody, let me tell you, just touched me in a different way. The entire casting is amazing… they all do much more than just impersonate a biography, they make you see the real ones!. Every single detail was considered, every gesture!…amazing!! While watching this movie, I had all the time the feeling that I had in front of my eyes a legend back to life, I felt truly lucky, to be honest. It got it all! I laughed, I cried, I got to have my heart beating fast by the rhythm of the perfect reproduction of the band performances. Who already watched it, will surely agree!… The premier was the birth of a new master piece of Freddie Mercury we are the champions shirt, with all that glittery audience clapping and hitting the floor of the premises and then leaving in tears. Emotional, real, stunning. I’m myself a fan, a musician and maybe a bohemian soul from time to time, and listen …No need to be a Queen’s fan to perceive the greatness of this story… although the movie has the potencial to turn you into one. I warn you.

Thank you Brian Singer for such a dream come true and Rami Malek and the whole casting for such a breathtaking work. Marie G.Chaplin(created by Mary and Marie in memory of Freddie Mercury we are the champions shirt for cats and design).


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