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Foo Fighters Christmas tree sweater



Add another show and keep Foo Fighters Christmas tree sweater out of it so the true fans can actually have a chance at attending! From what I understand there is no resale on these tickets. All on StubHub and Vivid have been removed as it’s a benefit/charity show.

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Foo Fighters Christmas tree sweater, hoodie, tank top, long sleeve and sweatshirt

so NIN during their 2013 Tension tour solved Foo Fighters Christmas tree sweater …you could buy tix online but only 4 and there were no mail home tix, print at home or mobile tix….you had to show up with your group….the buyer would present card used to purchase and ID…tix were then given to group and they immediately went in to venue….no chance to scalp whatsoever….most artists don’t care because they get their cut of tix proceeds no matter who buys them, fans or scalpers…ticket companies like scalpers because most of them have Foo Fighters Christmas tree sweater that they get money from as well as the original sale….I have seen some major shows where whole blocks of seats went unoccupied because people weren’t buying scalped tix at the obscenely high prices….scalping in 216 was a 10 BILLION dollar industry worldwide…that is over and above the original cost of Foo Fighters Christmas tree sweater …think how much that is…It really sucks that there is no system in place where people can buy tickets at a reasonable price and in a orderly manner.
I’m so tired of constantly fighting the system to buy tickets only to see stub hub or some other Foo Fighters Christmas tree sweater has bought them already.


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