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Firefighter Under Armour logo shirt



Praying for your safety didn’t fully understand the depth of your bravery and overcoming that which raises within yourself to surrender all that you love for the sake of others till 9/11. This Firefighter Under Armour logo shirt fully disclosures of what you all experience all too frequently. It should be shown to us on daily newscasts. So that we fully grasp an understanding that we live a life knowing. and appreciating that we have brave souls as yourselves amongst us and all around us. Thank you from the depths of my soul to ALL fire and rescue crews, and to those you hold dear who live with the knowledge of not knowing whether they may not return safely to them after their daily/weekly shifts of selfless duty. Thank you does not seem enough.

Firefighter Under Armour logo shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

A special note to all drivers: let’s ALL do a better job of pulling to the side, our vehicle’s, when we hear or see an emergency vehicle approaching from afar, give them thanks as they shop at a Firefighter Under Armour logo shirt or getting lunch, or even buy them a meal. They deserve Gold medals.┬áLove this post love my 3 boys who are all volunteer firefighters at the same fire station. Prayers and love respect for all firefighters


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