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Fat Bunny Big Chungus shirt



Fat Bunny Big Chungus shirt
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Thank you for this! Glad I’m not Fat Bunny Big Chungus shirt feeding my babies veggies, i got a little stink for it on my instagram account, and it was making me nervous if i was doing the right thing or not….
I’ve been feeding my babies greens since they were 6 weeks old (now are 12 weeks old).

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Fat Bunny Big Chungus shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

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My little Smudge has had greens since Fat Bunny Big Chungus shirt too, I’ve been hearing that as long as the mom had greens around the whole time she was raising them they would naturally eat them on their own when ready too. So he keeps getting his basil, and man does he LOVE IT.

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Is Fat Bunny Big Chungus shirt one always alone? 🙁 s/he always seems to sit away from the group. Guess I should’ve said 2 orange ones. Maybe they just have fiery, independent personalities. (Not trying to be rude, I’m just curious, some animals will have an aversion to the “odd man out” color wise and avoid them, like cats. Just wondering if rabbits do the same). As long as momma was eating the same greens when nursing, it’s fine.

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No, they just happen to be apart in Fat Bunny Big Chungus shirt. At different times, different ones of them kind of separate themselves, but overall, they sleep in a big pile, and that particular fluffy, light orange one, whom I was calling Farah until I checked and saw she was a he, is one who loves to groom the others.


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