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Fallout I am special shirt



Fallout I am special shirt
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Just go to one of Fallout I am special shirt it’s crawling with super mutants and sloths and more. I heard they’re removing chems from the game and replacing them with meth.

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As a life-long resident of Fallout I am special shirtI am ecstatic that they chose this state for the new Fallout. I am also convinced they chose West Virginia because a vast majority of the residents of this state resemble the mutants from this universe as well as the sloth creature seen in the trailer.

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The first thing I said was “Man I hope they don’t make Fallout I am special shirt hillbilly cannibals like every movie set in WV” They really didn’t have to make many changes to appropriately convey a post-apocalyptic depiction of the area. I live like 15 minutes from Camden Park. It’s pretty spot on.  I mean, they seem to pick places where there isn’t much outside the city at all, but honestly, I’d rather not see the Cities in it, I don’t want to see the X or Target Field in ruins, if they ever used either, although with a name swap.

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I’m not sure how that’s relevant but alright. Would be cool to see them reimagine Fallout I am special shirt Cities though in a post apocalyptic world lmao.


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