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Elton John the farewell tour shirt



Elton John the farewell tour shirt
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Jim Mott that’s really nasty and spiteful. What has made you spew such nasty bile? I hope you can become Elton John the farewell tour shirt. You’ll feel happier for it.

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Mott now why would you feel the need to write such a mean spirited statement, after such Elton John the farewell tour shirt. I’m surprised you can read well enough to have a Facebook account. Ignorant. Stupid bigot at that. Lady Gaga wrote ‘Born That Way’ No one chooses to be that way -you would have to be nuts, given the number of haters that will be drawn to insult you – you know the type – like you.

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Anita Eyles no shes not….her music is cookie cutter Elton John the farewell tour shirt. Elton is timeless, lady gaga will soon be forgotten. Nick Payne forgotten?! She’s already in music industry for more than a decade and she’s still doing great unlike some artists. She’s now getting more recognized more than just a pop star! She changed the game in pop music starting back in ‘08 and now she’s getting so many nominations from Golden Globes, Grammys and Oscars. watch her live performances and you’ll witness how talented, creative, innovative and Legendary Lady Gaga is. She’s one of our hopes of a good music in the industry.

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After seeing her in “A Star is Born” I have a totally new respect for her and her singing, her rendition of this only adds to that.


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