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Dragonfly Stay Moon Child shirt



Dragonfly Stay Moon Child shirt
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Oh pls if you wanna talk animal cruelty, it’s just as much Dragonfly Stay Moon Child shirt when you step on an ant or swat away a bee. (granted we’re talking about insects here)

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Or you could stop Monsanto killing all Dragonfly Stay Moon Child shirt with their chemical pesticides, so we don’t have to graft circuit boards onto the spinal cords of free beings just to serve our own fucked up purposes, this world is seriously backwards!  I wish all these people who are this worked up over a controlled dragonfly got this worked up about issues such as.. homelessness. Or how shitty public education is in America. Things that directly affect us. Really don’t understand all the hurt over one damn dragonfly. You people do know this isn’t new for science right? How do you think they test out new products before creating mass quantities to be available for the public? Ah yes. Good ol lab rats.Unisex Sweatshirt front

Insects outnumber humans like 10 to 1, I’m all for Dragonfly Stay Moon Child shirt and hate animal cruelty as much as the next guy but if we’re trying to make advancements in science, what does experimentation on 50 to 100 dragonflies hurt? What I see is insane possibility. They’ve integrated controllable technology into the dragonfly’s spinal cord and nervous system. What I see is the first step into understanding how to make paralyzed people walk again or fixing deep and painful nerve damage or building high functioning prosthetics. It sucks and I’m bummed about the bug but I’m excited for the discovery.Unisex Hoodie front

That’s no science, it’s just cruel… if this means been successful and Dragonfly Stay Moon Child shirte of technology, probably we should reconsider get back to caverns and don’t screw any of others species


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