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Deez Nuts Cracker shirt



Ur at a funeral home and feel Deez Nuts Cracker shirt to talk shit to a guy who buries our loved ones every single day to make a living. Marquis Fellow Jones I’m with you on that.

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Deez Nuts Cracker shirt get off welfare crackhead. I bet you don’t know who you daddy is either. That why you are a crackhead like your retarded mom.  I saw the dude smile and laugh. He had to walk away after that one! Please stop blaming our black sis amd bros. This was entered by a young Caucasian who leagally changed his name so that he can then apply on the ballot! It was in actual print not write in!

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He was pissed as hell, but he definitely laughed. I guess they figured it was best to vote Deez Nuts Cracker shirt instead of Deem Nuts!. And where was Nutz on the ballot? I did not see Deez no where!!!! This is an outrage!

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Damn y’all memories short! This was from august 2015 for Deez Nuts Cracker shirt run, not the election this week! This was a 15 year old white boy who did this cause he was pissed at the two party system and was a Bernie supporter.


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