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Crazy turtle lady shirt



It crucial for Crazy turtle lady shirt to grow up in the lake, especially because they don’t learn from their parents, they learn from the memory of their DNA, in which they rely on their natural environment to ignite the DNA memory, through the experiences of their natural habitat! So yes it’s time folks – humans – we have to give back, this is not our world, it’s OUR world, includes Crazy turtle lady shirt, insects, plants, oceans, all nature, they are our neighbors as well, and we must respect their homes and their spaces! Aloha.

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Crazy turtle lady shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater, long sleeve and sweatshirt

I just moved to Florida and there are Turtles galore here…I am in Turtle heaven..I came home the other day and a big turtle was cruising across the lawn it like he owned it. And of course I agreed with him…he owns the whole yard and swamp. It’s wonderful to see native Crazy turtle lady shirt reintroduced to San Francisco. Good luck baby turtles! That antenna needs to be refigured to something more natural and less obtrusive.


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